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Python Developer

The top and in-demand programming language is easy to learn and essential for a job in MNC.

What You’ll Learn

Here's what is covered in this course. Every module is comprehensive and concentrates on a set of skils.


    In this module, you will pick up the basic programming fundamentals of the Python language. You will also do hands-on labs projects.

    • 1. Show various constructs
    • 2. Tools used in Python programming
    • 3. Events, variables and control
    • 4. Hands on Lab

    Learn how functions, pre-written modules and pre-written packages save development time and effort. You will also learn to install third-party packages.

    • 1. Variables and Data Types
    • 2. Operations on Data Types
    • 3. Operations on Data Types
    • 4. Control Statements
    • 5. File I/O
    • 6. Hands on Lab
  • 3MODULE 3: Code Organisation

    Learn why object oriented programming is superior to traditional programming languages. You will do a small hands-on labs exercise.

    • 2. Functions
    • 3. Modules
    • 4. Packages
  • 4MODULE 4: Real World Use Cases

    Understand how to set up Python and create your programming environment. Learn how to work with the extension module to plug MongoDB with Python.

    • 1. Error Handling
    • 2. Algorithms
    • 3. Hands on Lab

    Strengthen your Python skills with a number of projects. Demonstrate your newly acquired skills with a capstone project.

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Course Highlights

Perks that we offer to all our students during and after the course of study.

1-to-1 mentoring

We will assign you a mentor to guide you throughout the course and push you towards completing your lessons and projects on time.

Post-Course Support

Get the help to build your resume, do mock interviews and attract job interviews in well-known companies around you.

Project Based Learning

Master the new tech skills through hands-on labs, mini projects and capstone project.